Forum Now Live

Forum Now Live

Transformers Forum now live.

At Transformers Cleaning, we encourage communication with our clients and customers.

We wanted to create somewhere our clients to be able to connect with us.

So, we are happy to announce that our Forum is now live and free to register and join.

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Asgaros Forum

We operate an Asgaros forum, which we feel is the most user friendly platform for our clients.

You can discuss any aspect of your account and seek assistance from us anytime.

We are here to help and aim to reply to any query within 2 hours of receiving it.

This is also a place to ask your fellow members any cleaning questions you may have.

Our Hints and Tips section will be a vital place for all members to help with any cleaning issues.

We also aim to add a YouTube section to showcase your cleaning ideas.

This forum is not only open to our clients, all are welcome to join, in fact we encourage it.


In order to access special member only privileges, you must register an account.

It’s free and easy to register and once set up, you can PM fellow members.

Registering also gives you the ability to upload your own images, respond to polls and more features.

Please join our cleaning community today and showcase your cleaning talents with us.

Don’t forget you can also connect with us via our Live Chat and email or our contact us section.

The Transformer Cleaning Forum is Live Now.

For your peace of mind, you can view our Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions and Cookies Policy.

We do not store your details other than in our forum database, they remain private and secure.

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